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karate_chick1 in peacecorpsfolks

Living in a isolated area

Hi guys!

I have a question. In the Peace Corps application it asks me about if I am prepared to serve in a site that is isolated and/or a significant distance from other volunteers. While I understand that sometimes Peace Corps volunteers are in isolated areas, I would really love to be placed in an area with other Peace Corps volunteers. Has anyone had experience with this? Do you have any advice?



There was a volunteer fairly close to me, and she was somebody I did not get along with at all. So even having volunteers nearby doesn't mean you won't feel lonely. You will make relationships with the host country nationals -- it is one of the goals of Peace Corps! ekaterinnille makes a good point that you may not make friendships exactly like you would in the US -- in Honduras my experience was that people my age (mid 20's) were very busy caring for their families, so I spent a lot of time with teenagers. A number of older women really reached out to me, I became close friends with one, and wound up marrying her son!