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art_house_queen in peacecorpsfolks

Hey You Guys! :)

I am a future PCV waiting on medical clearances and just wanted to stop by to say "what's up, everyone?"

I have another blog outside of LJ that details in full my PC anxiousness, but I wanted to check in on everyone here, too. I've been nominated for C/SA Health Extension, but as well all know, in PC, any nomination is basically a crap shoot. Still, I cannot hide my excitement! . Are there any other nominees out there that collectively want to fret about our noms (only slightly j/k).


Did you get your invitation yet? I'm at about the same stage now. This process takes foreeeeeeeeeeeeeever. But I'm still excited :)
Yes, I did! I am headed to Guatemala. Found out back in September! :)
Congrats! i just got my invitation a few weeks ago to Malawi. I'm so excited. When do you leave?
Oh, wow! Malawi! I am so jealous of all you SSA invitees, lol. I leave on February 12, 2013 from Washington, D.C. :D


Hi I congrats on your nomination art_house_queen. I had a question for you. I am still in the infancy stage of my application submitted October 1, 2012 (my recruiter hasn't set up an interview yet nor has she let me know she has received my references. She has been helpful in answering a series of questions I sent her about a week ago, but no word since then. I can't help but wonder a few things.

Well, I sent her another series of questions this past weekend, I specifically wanted to get nomination as a health volunteer so I wanted to know what they looked for in candidates who got picked for this position? Was that a bad move? Showing "inflexibility".

I will just say it, I studied Spanish in college, and have been to Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America, but those short stints of time are not enough to absorb a language. I would like a nomination to Central/South America or Spanish speaking Caribbean, I feel like the ball is in my court and I should ask for my departure date to be changed to Jan. or Feb. to ensure a nomination and invitation to these countries. Is that bonkers. My current departure date is October 2013.

Any answers would be great.
Hey, Anonymous:

I don't think it's necessarily a bad move, but it probably does show a little bit of inflexibility. However, I applied to Peace Corps back in February, 2012 using the old system, and maybe being more vocal about your location/preferred volunteer sector is accepted now. What I do think, is that Peace Corps will send you wherever your skills fit best. They take that part very seriously.

You also need to ask yourself: Why just Health? Why just the Caribbean, or Spanish-speaking countries? Peace Corps is about what you can do to help a certain community based on the skills you have already gained. Based on languages you either already know, or have an aptitude to learn (that last part is speculation on my part, lol.)

If you have health experience, and CPR/AED/First Aid/ training, etc. that pretty much makes you a standout candidate for that sector. If you don't, I would definitely just start volunteering in any way possible in that field.

Also, have you taken any of the standardized Spanish-language tests? Even doing that might point the recruiter in the Spanish-language direction.

I really hope this helps! Please come back to update us on your progress and invitation! :D