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lychee_fruit in peacecorpsfolks

Ghanian electricity, AVRs

Hi guys, sorry about the back-to-back packing questions but I really want to double check some information so I won't be up creek without a paddle.

Automatic Voltage Regulators -- I can't remember where but I think I read some where that I should be able to buy one in country. Certainly HCNs do have to deal with the same problem, so that makes sense to me. What about step down transformers? Does anyone know anything about that? I know some AVRs come with that build in, but not all.


To be honest there is very little that you will need to bring over to Ghana. You can get everything you will need there... I served in Ghana 2006-2008 and there was virtually nothing you couldn't buy then; in my visits since it's even more so now. You're better off bringing favorite stuff you want rather than worrying about bringing everything you'll need.