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belowtheheavens in peacecorpsfolks

Long Time no Speak: From Wanabee to PCV!

It has been a really long time since I have posted to the community. I have been really busy... Serving in Peace Corps Panama!  I finally made it after almost 2 years of trying and a defernment. The live journal has been here for all of it. Thank you guys for your support. I swore in on the 11th of March and I am in the CEC sector. I have been in site for almost a month. Still getting the hang of pasearing and my new schedule.   Here is my blog for more pictures and stories http://tempestpeacecorps.blogspot.com/  I will def try to be more proactive in posting. 



Congratulations! I'm really glad to see you muscled through that long deferment.
Hey, Tempest -- are you a member of BPCV on Facebook?

I know it's a random question, but I think we may have had a convo or two there...anyway, good luck in Panama! As I have been nominated for Central/South America Health Extension, I am eager to read more about a country in that region.

Good luck with everything! :)
Yes I ama sis! And pretty active there. I let my original fam go by the wayside tho lol How are you?
Hey -- I have no idea why it took me this long to respond, ha ha. I am doing well - I read your blog and love it, BTW! I just turned in my medical packet a couple weeks ago and am awaiting clearances, etc. :D