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kendodharma in peacecorpsfolks

drug testing

hey, I have a friend who's interested in joining the 'corps and she wants to know if they drug test. I told her probably not, but who knows? maybe she's right.


Nope, they don't.
I have yet to have any type of 'drug test.' That said, the physical exam has a lot of blood work/urine tests/etc. I'm not sure if it is something that would come up - but maybe?
No, really. They don't.
I don't understand this.

99% of jobs require drug testing. Any governmental jobs or positions require drug testing, and many also have ongoing random drug tests.

Since all of the cocaine-related scandals within the Peace Corps, you'd think that they would at least attempt to screen out people who were already using illicit drugs.
Oddly enough, the Internal Revenue Service does not require drug testing. In fact, a lot of the more menial government jobs do not require drug testing. I work at the IRS, and I swear to god, you could be a monkey on crack and still work there. In fact, the monkeys tend to get promoted over those of us who are actually busting our asses.
It's true that they don't drug test.

But I think it's worth noting that once you're in country, they will send you home if they even suspect you are using drugs that are illegal in the USA, even if they are legal in your host country.
yes, this is very true. I know people who were kicked out of PC on suspicion of drug use (which is about all I'll say on the subject).

And OT, I'm assuming you were evac'ed from Kenya - sorry. We had a few Kenya vol's come to us in Ghana... I ran into one of the guys in the sub office while I was being evacuated from my town. I see we've got some common interests - what are you up to now if you don't mind my asking?
Yep, I've been home since January. I was a Master's International student, so I spent my first four months getting my Masters Special Project completed, and now I'm looking for a job in Charlotte NC.

What happened to make you evacuate your town? Are you still in Ghana?

If you're interested, my master's special project was a video of my Peace Corps service, including info about the evacuation: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7108085531188268881&q=kitobo&ei=oK9WSKWIN4eIrgKXh63nDg