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Blog It Home Contest - Finalist

Hello! I remember browsing (lurking) in this community nearly two years ago when I first started my application, and how reassuring it was.

I'd like to ask for a little help, if you have a Facebook account. I am a finalist for the Blog It Home contest, and the prize is a trip back to the States for a week. If you could take a couple seconds to click on the link and "Like" my picture, I would be so grateful! Also, check out my blog, which is linked in the picture.

I applied way before any kind of application changes, so I can't help with any experience there, but if you want to chat with someone about serving in Thailand, I would be happy to answer any questions.

Hello, There!

Hey y'all!

My name is Lisa, and I'm (hopefully) going to be a future PCV! I've read through the website, 2 books, and picked through the brain of an RPCV. However, I really enjoy talking to people about their service and the bumps they've encountered along the road! If anyone has tips they want to share (especially about the application process!), or stories they just have to tell, please feel free to contact me!

Thank you for your time!


Newbie Here!


I am new here and new to the PC process. I have already been nominated and today received a document "English Teaching Questions" and wanted to know how far along am I in the process? I wasn't expecting to hear anything since my October 2013 service date was moved to March 2014 which greatly disappointed me. Has anyone else been pushed from Fall 2013 to Spring 2014 as a possible departure date?
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(no subject)

Hey PCVs, I figure some of you can offer some advice --

Do any of you recommend any particular travel backpack (the scenario is a round-the-world trip) for a girl who is not physically active?

If you don't have anything to recommend, did you have any particularly BAD experiences with any backpacks (I would appreciate company name and model name, if you can remember).

Also: does anyone have any recommendations for good travel insurance (covering medical + trip cancellation/interruption) company for a year-long round-the-world trip? I know you guys are covered under the Peace Corps, but maybe you learned about something after your service, beforehand, etc.

Alternatively, does anyone know of any insurance policies I can get JUST for insuring the loss or theft of my high-value electronic items? (Aside from not bringing them altogether, but I find having a laptop is essential when trying to book hostels, find hosts, get flights, etc.)

Living in a isolated area

Hi guys!

I have a question. In the Peace Corps application it asks me about if I am prepared to serve in a site that is isolated and/or a significant distance from other volunteers. While I understand that sometimes Peace Corps volunteers are in isolated areas, I would really love to be placed in an area with other Peace Corps volunteers. Has anyone had experience with this? Do you have any advice?


Dark Star Safari

Anyone returned or current volunteers located in Africa read this book? What are you thoughts? It doesn't really paint a positive picture for any type of aid organizations, is anything really being accomplished?


Hey everyone!

This is my first time posting on the group. First off, I want to say thank you for everyone who has shared their experiences and advice through this website - it is invaluable!

This week I had my interview and I went in so prepared and excited to speak to the recruiter. I heard great things about this conversation and that it would most likely be like speaking to an old friend about why you want to join. Unfortunately, the woman I spoke to seemed disconnected, bored with my answers, not energetic, and not interested in me or my passion for joining. I am really worried that this will affect my application process negatively and that I will not be nominated.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Or know of someone who went through this situation and did not get nominated? I know I could contribute so much to the Peace Corps and I believe that I am qualified. However, I feel as though she did not take that into consideration.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!!


medical and social clearance - hips and ink

greetings - wannabe here. i've been to a couple of peace corps community sessions and have wanted to join since i was a weeee little one. i have two main concerns after reading and asking around:

1) i have had hip replacement surgery. the medical restrictions page states that a joint replacement can be accepted at least one year out from the surgery. by the time i get my degree in order it will be far more than a year out. but does anyone know anyone who has served with a joint replacement, hip or otherwise?

2) i read that people have been denied for having "too many tattoos" - well, that could be applied to me. is this a reality?

i lived as an unsupported volunteer in kenya for six months (through a small non-profit that arranges things but doesn't really support you while you are there the way PC does), prior to hip replacement but after multiple knee surgeries and with all of the ink i have now and was ok.

yes, the toilets are interesting - as someone who never went camping the bending is only one part of what needs getting used to, and i got used to it. and my skin tone alone would get me noticed - the tattoos did and did not in certain areas; my hair was much more of a fascination, as was my marital status and religious affiliation. at least that was my experience...but will the peace corps deny me because of these two issues? if anyone has any insight, knows anyone who served with either circumstance, i'd love to hear about it. thanks.

Hey You Guys! :)

I am a future PCV waiting on medical clearances and just wanted to stop by to say "what's up, everyone?"

I have another blog outside of LJ that details in full my PC anxiousness, but I wanted to check in on everyone here, too. I've been nominated for C/SA Health Extension, but as well all know, in PC, any nomination is basically a crap shoot. Still, I cannot hide my excitement! . Are there any other nominees out there that collectively want to fret about our noms (only slightly j/k).

Ghanian electricity, AVRs

Hi guys, sorry about the back-to-back packing questions but I really want to double check some information so I won't be up creek without a paddle.

Automatic Voltage Regulators -- I can't remember where but I think I read some where that I should be able to buy one in country. Certainly HCNs do have to deal with the same problem, so that makes sense to me. What about step down transformers? Does anyone know anything about that? I know some AVRs come with that build in, but not all.